Ministry of the Month - Help 4 Families

Help 4 Families was founded by Denise Shick in 2004 to touch the lives of those who have been spiritually and emotionally challenged by gender identity issues. Help 4 Families works toward bringing God’s grace, love, and truth to those struggling with their gender identity and those impacted by a loved one who identifies as transgender.

Support and encouragement groups are offered online, through Skype, and by phone as well as through small group meetings in Kentucky, North Carolina, Illinois, California, and Spain. Help 4 Families also works along side church leaders in order to bring an understanding of the emotional and spiritual confusion when a loved one has Gender Identity Dysphoria. Confidentiality is held in the highest regards in order to provide a safe environment for all.

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DENISE SHICK was raised in a home with her transgender father. She felt traumatized by her father's transition and felt that she herself needed healing from being violated. Denise has worked with families of Gender Identity Dysphoria since 2004. In addition to editing two books, Denise is the author of My Daddy’s Secret, When Hope Seems Lost, Transgender Confusion: A Biblical Based Q & A For Families, and Understanding Gender Confusion. She is interviewed on Christian television programs and speaks on Christian radio, at conferences, churches, meetings, and small groups.

Denise and her husband Mark have been married for 32 years.