Ministry of the Month - Living Stones Ministries

Living Stones Ministries is a Christian organization dedicated to equipping and uniting agencies and individuals to effectively communicate the message of hope, healing, and redemption to individuals and families with issues of homosexuality.

Living Stones mission is to: 

  • Introduce individuals and families to the loving and saving power of Jesus Christ. 
  • Proclaim the joy and fulfillment of a life lived in obedience to the teachings of God’s Word. 
  • Provide safe places for individuals and families to openly share their grief and pain about homosexuality. 
  • Develop and distribute educational and inspirational materials. 
  • Educate churches, pastors, therapists and other organizations through seminars, presentations and conferences. 
  • Offer spiritual counseling and referrals for psychological counseling. 
  • Encourage the family of God to extend God’s love and compassion to the sexually and relationally broken…to be Christ to one another.