Pastor of the Month - Ron Citlau

Pastor Ron Citlau
Calvary Church RCA


16100 S. 104th Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60467
Phone: (708) 429-2200
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Hours: 9am - 4pm, M-Th

We're a church celebrating over 125 years of age, being founded in 1886. Our faith is wholly based on the Bible, the complete and perfect Word of God who created all things. In the Bible all those things necessary for our salvation from sin are clearly set forth.

What's sin and why do we need to be saved from it? Put simply, sin is rebellion against God. Whenever we break God's laws we sin against Him. Sin cuts all of us off from God, who alone is the source of life. The punishment for sin is eternal death, separated from God.

However, because God so loved the world, He gave Jesus, His Son who lived his life on earth completely sin-less and blameless, to take the punishment for all of us. Because of God's grace and gift, when we are able to accept that Jesus died for our sins, we will be able to enter eternity with life.