Teaching Resource of the Month

Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook

by June Hunt

Providing Biblical Hope and Practical Help for 50 Everyday Problems

For more than 25 years, June Hunt has given sound counsel and scriptural insights to thousands of hurting people through her popular live radio call-in program Hope in the Night.

In this book, June brings together 50 of the most common, urgent problems people struggle with. Each short, to-the-point chapter offers heartfelt encouragement, straight talk, and practical "how to" steps to begin the journey to victory on serious issues such as...

- difficult relationships

- anger, depression, and guilt

- temptation and compulsive behaviors

- loneliness, self-worth, and grief

- forgiveness and reconciliation

Christian readers and counselors who are looking for a handbook that covers a wide variety of issues will appreciate June's compassionate and realistic solutions firmly based on God's Word. This versatile resource repeatedly affirms that Jesus Christ truly is the answer to every human need.


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About the Author

One of the world's leading biblical counselors, June Hunt is the founder and CSO (Chief Servant Officer) of HOPE FOR THE HEART, an international biblical counseling ministry providing biblical hope and practical help to people in more than 60 countries on 6 continents. After decades of teaching and research, June developed 100 topical Biblical Counseling Keys--manuals that systematically explore definitions, characteristics, causes, and solutions for issues ranging from Anger and Depression to Marriage and Parenting. These Keys have become the foundation for the ministry's steady expansion, including the 2002 creation of the Hope Biblical Counseling Institute and two popular radio programs: HOPE FOR THE HEART and HOPE IN THE NIGHT, June's live two-hour call-in counseling program. The two broadcasts are heard on more than 800 radio outlets around the world. HOPE FOR THE HEART is quickly expanding internationally, as June's resources have been published in nearly 30 languages, and are being translated into many more.

An accomplished musician, June has released five Christian music recordings. She is also a popular guest professor at colleges and seminaries and a sought-after conference speaker, as well as a top-selling author. Whether writing, speaking, or singing, June Hunt is dedicated to presenting "God's Truth for Today's Problems"--confident that a changed mind produces a changed heart . . . and a changed heart produces a changed life.