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Ask Facebook and Instagram to Stop Banning Posts About Change from Homosexuality or Transgenderism

Instagram and parent company Facebook announced on July 10 that they intend to block any advertising or promotion of what they label “conversion therapy.” (CNN, The Daily Citizen, Decision MagazineYahoo News)

The term “conversion therapy” describes a non-existent psychological treatment and is a deliberately ill-defined term. It was created by those who oppose any change from homosexuality or transgenderism.

The term is used to describe any sort of help for those wanting help with homosexuality or gender dysphoria – from prayer or simple conversation to support groups and counseling – including the work of Restored Hope Network and our member ministries.

“Conversion therapy” is often described as using force, abuse or aversive therapy. These are not practiced by Restored Hope Network or any of our member ministries, counselors and churches. Legitimate, licensed counselors do not use such techniques, either. Rumors of such techniques occurring today are absurd.

Restored Hope Network and ministries like us would never use force, shame, abuse or coercion. We care deeply about those who come to us for help, and offer compassionate care to those who voluntarily seek us for help.

“Hate Speech.” That’s what Facebook and Instagram call promoting the biblical sexual ethic. 

Media Matters for America, a left-leaning activist group, has asked Facebook to begin by removing our Restored Hope Network Facebook page.

Cancel culture is now threatening Restored Hope Network and our member churches, ministries and therapists on social media platforms. Make no mistake: This silencing won’t end with us. It will spread beyond Restored Hope Network to other Christians, ministry leaders, pastors and churches. The silencing will spread to other platforms, too.

Imagine you’re a parent with a fourteen-year-old girl who thinks she’s a boy. If Media Matters has its way, you couldn’t find help on social media. Think about how you’d feel.

Think about a 20-year-old young man who has an ongoing struggle with homosexual pornography. When Facebook and Instagram start blocking posts, that young man won’t be able to find help on social media. Imagine his hopelessness.

Or imagine you’re a woman, married with children, struggling with lesbianism. You want to keep your family together – but social media has blocked all posts about help for your situation. Imagine the despair you’d feel believing there is no hope for your situation.

We hear stories and meet people like this every week, and we offer compassionate support, encouragement and assistance.

Why would Facebook and Instagram block that kind of help?

Will you stand with us, and will you stand with those with LGBT desires who only want the freedom to receive help? Will you reach out to Facebook and Instagram alongside us? Tell them this censorship is wrong – with grace, boldness and honesty.

LGBT activists and their allies say tolerance should no longer be extended to spiritual care or counseling for those struggling with homosexuality and transgenderism – who choose to live according to their biblical values.

Freedom of speech and civil debate are high American – and Christian – values, but Facebook and Instagram’s new decision will silence any disagreement with the celebration and promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Please contact Facebook and Instagram. Ask them to stop banning content about change from homosexuality and gender dysphoria. Ask them to keep our page intact in the diverse global environment of their platforms. Ask them to leave us free to tell our stories. Ask them to leave alone the pages of hundreds of other ministries like ours. 

To contact Facebook, you can email them. We suggest sending the same email to each address:

You can also tag FB with your message in posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using: @Facebook.

We suggest briefly telling your story and/or explain why you care about this issue. Offer one or two reasons why you think this policy is wrong and ask Facebook to change it.

Here are a few sample messages and a few ideas of what to say, kindly and truthfully:

  • “I struggled with conflict between homosexuality and my Christian values. With God’s help – and the help of counseling and support groups – I found help to live according to my biblical beliefs. Please stop censoring stories like mine. Stop banning content about change from homosexuality and transgenderism. Please stop discriminating against those of us with same-sex attractions who choose a different path.”
  • The call to remove Restored Hope Network from Facebook and Instagram is intolerant cancel culture at its most blatant. Those who disagree that change from homosexuality is possible want to wipe Restored Hope Network off a social media platform of nearly 2 billion people globally. Restored Hope Network is simply a safe, accessible haven for those with same-sex attractions to find hope and healing. Please stop censoring these voices.
  • “I’m a pastor. We have a ministry in our church that helps people struggling with their sexuality and gender. They come to us voluntarily, seeking help and support. I have seen hundreds of lives transformed by ministries like ours. Why would you silence their views? I ask you to stop banning our beliefs – this is religious discrimination. LGBT activists and their allies are free to share their views – why shouldn’t we be free to express our beliefs?”
  • “Media Matters accuses Restored Hope Network and its member ministries of offering ‘conversion therapy.’ They do not. There is no such psychological or spiritual practice as ‘conversion therapy.’ Activist groups describe illegal practices that use force, abuse or coercion. Restored Hope Network and I abhor such practices – but they are not part of the thoughtful and kind support for those seeking help with sexual struggles. I ask you to stop banning voices that offer hope for those whose biblical values are in conflict with their sexual thoughts, identity and behavior.
  • Please stop banning content from those who have left homosexuality. This is a bullying issue. Groups like Media Matters are urging Facebook to shut Restored Hope Network down and silence their voices because they don't like the truth of change that has happened in their lives. Media Matters does not believe that men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions should be given hope from those who have overcome it. That is more than sad: It is immoral.

These are indeed troubling times when those of us who disagree with celebrating and promoting homosexuality and transgenderism are vilified and silenced.

Thank you for your willingness to stand for all those who may yet encounter hope, encouragement, and truth through our continued presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Anne Paulk

Executive Director, Restored Hope Network

P.S. For those of you who want to include content about what social research shows about leaving homosexuality and transgenderism, here are some places to find that information:

For more information about our work at Restored Hope Network and for member ministry contacts, go here and here.

Again, thank you – I’m thankful for the way so many have joined us in this battle against silencing on social media.