How Do You Like Me Now?

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The Telly Awards is a secular award for outstanding achievement in video production. Their highest award for a contemporary documentary is their "Silver" Award.

"How Do You Like Me Now? has been awarded a Silver Award in the "Documentary" category and a Bronze Award in the Religion/Spirituality category.



Bob Stith (Director for Family and Gender Issues Ministries)

I loved this documentary. I think it is amazing. It should not only be in every churches’ library but every church should have a special showing of it. Having spent over 20 years in ministry to those impacted by same sex struggles, I can attest to the fact that there are many people in our churches who desperately need this information. Having the actual people who are impacted telling their stories makes it more impactful than simply telling an audience these truths. I would love to have had this while I was serving with the SBC. Thanks for doing this and doing it so well.

Linda Seiler (ReStory Ministries)

This is a must see for those grappling with how to respond to a gay loved one – whether it be a child, sibling, spouse, or a parent who has come out of the closet. The personal stories, honest admissions of mistakes made, and expert advice provide hope and comfort from others who have walked this road before: you are not alone.

Sue Bohlin (Director, Probe Ministries)

The people in this video provide grace-filled and articulate responses to a loved one's homosexuality. It is an invaluable resource for not only how to think but what to say--and not say--in ways that honor both God's heart and His Word, and the relationship with a loved one.

Michael L. Brown, Ph. D. (author - Can You Be Gay and Christian?)

This important DVD raises the questions families across America are asking – what happens if my child or spouse or sibling is gay – and then provides wise, biblically-based, practical, and loving answers.

Dean Greer (National Coordinator, Living Waters USA)

“How Do You Like me Now” is a must see for any Christian walking with a loved one who has been taken over by same-sex attraction. It is deeply personal yet powerfully objective in its perspective. This documentary will facilitate the grace needed to love well.

Steve Berger (Senior Pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin)

Sexual brokenness is the defining cultural challenge of our day. HDYLMN engages the challenge by equipping people to stand for truth while walking in love. This is a don't-miss documentary.

Joe Dallas, (Director, Genesis Counseling)

I was honored to be part of this project which addresses one of the toughest challenges modern Christians are facing, which is the question "What do we do when someone we love says 'I'm gay?'" Countless believers are seeking direction as they navigate their relationships with homosexual loved ones, and they'll find answers, empathy, and hope in this series. Foster has developed a tool the modern church hugely needs.

Dr. Jerry Newcombe (D. James Kennedy Ministries)

This powerful new film deals sensitively with such a deep subject---how to deal with a loved one who “comes out of the closet.” Most importantly, in an age of massive deception---in this realm particularly---“How Do You Love Me Now?” speaks God’s truth…in love.

-Dr. Jerry Newcombe, on-air host, senior producer, “Truths that Transform,” D. James Kennedy Ministries.

Paul Watson (Ellel Ministries UK)

 I found “How do you like me now?” quite helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the very real impact upon family members when a loved one “comes out” as being lesbian or gay. As a pastor, I recognize the importance of having such an understanding in order to minister to those family members as they experience the range of emotions that come in these circumstances.

Jonathan Daugherty (Founder/Director, Be Broken Ministries)

While it may seem unbearable to hear a loved one declare they are gay, such news does not mean hope is lost. This film brings a refreshing and positive tone to what is rightly seen as a heavy and difficult reality for many in the world today. May God use this film to give you hope and resolve to love well and trust Him with the outcome.

Andrew Comiskey (Executive Director, Desert Stream Ministries)

If you are a parent, spouse, sibling or a child of someone with SSA, this film will encourage you with wisdom and the hope that draws you out of fear and into abiding in the One on behalf of beloved ones whose choices are not ours.