Tower of Light Ministries

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Tower of Light Ministries

  • Contact: Jeff Simunds, Director
  • Duvall, WA
  • Phone: (425) 219-7729
  • Service Times: Office hours - Pacific, leave message 24/7

Tower of Light Ministries, located in Bothell, WA, is a place where those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions can find help. This ministry is centered on the hope, love and power found in Jesus Christ to renew the deepest and most personal parts of our lives

Frequently, as we proceed on our individual life journey, we want to change course and the choices we make. However, we typically grapple with our sexual identity and intimacy wounds in secret, fearing that exposure will incur the judgment and rejection of others. You may be someone who has same-sex fantasies, thoughts and desires, has a history of sexual activity, or is enmeshed with same-sex friends. Or, you may be someone who has been involved in a homosexual lifestyle and you are now deciding it is time to walk away.

Whichever you are dealing with, this is a safe place for you to address these issues. Exploring sensitive issues, sharing with others who care and understand, and finding the support to live life differently is what Tower of Light is about. Many have found peace from the things that disturb their desire for wholeness and joy in personal relationships.

In addition to the work I do with those struggling with homosexuality, I also work with men and women dealing with a variety of sexual and relational issues. I provide lay counseling for men and a prayer-focused Journey program for men and women.