Sam Andreades

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Sam Andreades

  • Contact: Rev. Dr. Sam A. Andreades
  • Phoenixville, PA
  • Phone: 917-797-3733
  • Service Times: Varies

Dr. Andreades has been a minister (Presbyterian Church in America) for over twenty years, pastoring churches in New York City and rural Pennsylvania and is currently associate pastor of Iron Works Church, Phoenixville. His wife of 33 years, Mary K., and he have raised four children.

In 2008, Pastor Andreades founded Higher Ground in Greenwich Village, a ministry of Christian discipleship serving those with unwanted same-sex attraction. He has also authored several books designed to help people build a theology of gender:
     enGendered (2015)
     Dating with Discernment (2021)
     Across the Kitchen Table: Talking about Trans with Your Teen (2023)

Under the publication and training company, In Our Image, LLC, Sam has counseled scores of couples on marriage and relationships, as well as giving numerous seminars around the country on the Gift of Gender as presented by the Bible.

On his website,, you can subscribe to Sam’s regular postings, learn about his books, or sign up for counseling appointments.

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