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TRANZFORMED: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender

Fifteen ex-transgender individuals join with numerous experts to dispel the confusion and bear witness to what Jesus Christ can do for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Stories of Hope & Healing from Former Transsexuals, Transvestites, Drag Queens & Intersex Individuals

The Difference Jesus Christ Makes

• A Brief History of Transgender People

• Transgender Conditions - The Terms Defined

• A Biblical & Philosophical Foundation of Thought on the Subject by Dr James Anderson



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Leaders who recommend the film to their ministries and congregations.

Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D. (author of The Bible and Homosexual Practice)……….. The documentary TranZformed sheds light on the dark and false world of “transgenderism” through courageous personal testimony. I highly commend it.  

Dr. Jerry Newcombe (Senior producer, on-air host for Truths that Transform, D. James Kennedy Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale)…….. David Kyle Foster does great work as a video producer. His latest project, ‘Tranzformed,’ provides a sensitive, Christian-based, informative perspective on the transgender issue. There are gripping testimonies in this well-done documentary. One of the great interviews includes the late Dr. Joe Nicolosi, a longtime counselor dealing with sexual disorders. This may well have been Dr. Nicolosi’s final interview. Well done!  

Daniel Moody (a philosopher specializing in the ideology of Gender. He is the author of The Flesh Made Word.)……….. Maleness and femaleness are anchors to reality; places of refuge amidst this world's storms. In sharing with us the humbling accounts of journeys through personal storms, TranZformed reminds us the body is both a fact and a gift from God. As a philosopher, I approach this subject in a quite cold, logical fashion, and it is easy to forget that underneath the theories and ideologies there are real people, with real stories, real pain - and real victories. So, thanks for shifting me out of my head and into my heart. 



Casualties of a Social, Psychological, and Medical Fad: The Dangers of Transgender Ideology in Medicine by  Daniel Payne

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50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides by Walter Heyer

The Truth About the Transgender Movement by Dr. David Kyle Foster

I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse. by Michelle Cretella

How should Christians respond to the transgender issue? by Peter Saunders

Report: New Treatment for Children With Gender Issues Not Supported by Science by Joan Frawley Desmond

Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ Is Mass Hysteria Similar To 1980s-Era Junk Science by Richard B. Corradi

‘The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible’ by Carolyn Moynihan

Transgender Puberty Blues by Michael Cook

Plastic Surgeon Patrick Lappert Speaks on Transgender Surgery (Video)

Becoming the Woman God Made Me to Be by Linda Seiler (Audio)

Gender Revolution: Katie Couric Earns Her Ph.D. in Propaganda by Tom Gilson

‘They’re Not Fine’: Why Surgery Doesn’t Help People With Gender Dysphoria by Liberty Mcartor

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The Experiment on Our Children: Doctors Don’t Know Who the Real Trans Kids Are by Walt Heyer

Feminist Camille Paglia On Transgenderism: 'The Cold Biological Truth Is That Sex Changes Are Impossible' by Hank Berrien

Gender Dysphoria and "Practical Application":A Rejoinder to Mark Yarhouse by Dr. Robert Gagnon