HOPE 2021 Conference Materials

 Welcome to the HOPE 2021 Online Conference Materials

Video Workshops:

Absolute Surrender: The Only Way Out of the Dark Pit, Francine Perry
    PowerPoint Slides for Francine Perry
Perseverance of the Saints, Pastor Phil Courson
    PowerPoint Slides for Perseverance of the Saints
Church as a Healing Community, Dean Greer
Learning to Walk in Freedom, Brenna Kate Simonds
The Image of God: Foundations of Theology of the Body, Wendy Terry
    PowerPoint Slides for Image of God
Transformation is Possible!, Rev. Debora Barr 
    PowerPoint Slides for Transformation is Possible!
On the Journey: Parents of LGBTQ Children, Keith & Rene
    Keith & Rene's HOPE 2021 Handout for Families

 Materials from Keynote Speakers

    Dr. Andre Van Mol's notes
    Dr. Van Mol testifying before the CA legislature on behalf of foster children

Recordings from the LIVE event are available here and will be uploaded to several locations later this summer.

Friday, June 11, 2021 Sessions

Saturday, June 12, 2021 Sessions

  The HOPE2021 Online Conference Schedule (Mtn time/Denver)

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