Recommended Resources - Curriculum for Individuals or Groups

 All Things New 2.JPGAll Things New: A Discipleship Ministry for Life Transformation, Debora Barr. True Potential, 2018. This is a 37-week Bible Study comprised of a Facilitator Guide and three Participant Workbooks. This Discipleship Ministry is designed to be facilitated by lay leaders in the church who have a heart for hurting people - to help people with unwanted SSA, addiction to pornography, sexual promiscuity, or conflicted feelings about their gender all experience healing and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the unconditional loving support of fellow Christians. Available through



 Helping People Step Out of Homosexuality, Frank Worthen. A handbook for pastors, counselors, and lay workers. Available through




Life Transformation Day by Day.JPG

Life Transformation Day by Day - A 31-Day Devotional, Debora Barr, True Potential, 2018.  Walk through this 31-day journey in the Word of God and discover how much God loves you and all that He wants to do in and through your life to give you hope and a bright and prosperous future! Available through



Path Through the Wilderness.JPG

Path Through the Wilderness: Becoming Who You Were Meant to Be, by Rev. Bob Ragan, Shell Shocked, 2017. A comprehensive workbook for men and women who struggle with relational and sexual brokenness. It explores dysfunctional relationships with God and others. A scripturally based approach is used to tackle the difficult topics of intimacy, desire, and gender. Available through 


Pursuing Sexual Wholeness.JPG

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness & Workbook, Andrew Comiskey. Practical insights and scriptural support for anyone seeking to understand sexual brokenness and the pursuit of sexual wholeness in Christ. Available through 


Taking Back Ground.JPG

Taking Back Ground, Portland Fellowship.  This workbook is a valuable study tool for those seeking to leave sexual and relational brokenness in pursuit of an intimate walk with God. The material has been constructed for personal study as well as use in a group setting. Available through


Transformed Into His Image.JPG

Transformed Into His Image: Hidden Steps on the Journey to Christlikeness, Dr. David Kyle Foster, Mastering Life Ministries, 2002. This book is designed to help us look deeply into the sanctification process, particularly for those who have been in bondage to substances and behaviors that have shadowed them for many years. It will unveil what are often hidden causes for an inability to find freedom from chronic sin patterns. Available through



 Spanish--Tras la integridad sexual: cómo Cristo sana al homosexual, Andrew Comiskey, Desert Stream Press, 1989. Perseguir la Totalidad Sexual está lleno de ideas prácticas y apoyo bíblico para quienes buscan entender quebranto sexual y la búsqueda de la plenitud sexual en Cristo. Available through Other spanish books can be found here.