Recommended Resources - Understanding

 Emotional Dependency.JPGEmotional Dependency, Lori Thorkelson Rentzel, IVPress, 1999. Reprinted in 2020. Lori Thorkelson Rentzel describes the signs of emotional dependency and shows how God can bring healing and wholeness to these unhealthy relationships. Available through Mid-Valley Fellowship



Homosexuality a New Christian Ethic.JPG

Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic, Elizabeth Moberly, 1997/2006. Concentration on the legitimacy of sexual expression rather than on underlying needs has made the debate about homosexuality incapable of resolution. "Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic" presents a psychoanalytic interpretation that has shifted the focus of the debate from symptoms to root causes. Available through


Love into Light.JPG

Love into Light: the Homosexual, the Gospel and the Church, Peter Hubbard, Ambassador-Emerald, Int’l, 2013. "Love Into Light" is your next step toward becoming more faithfully and helpfully engaged with people in your families, in your church and in your neighborhood. Available through


My Genes Made Me Do It.JPG

My Genes Made Me Do It, A. Neil & Brian Whitehead, Whitehead Associates, 2016. The book discusses the roles of genes (and epigenetics) hormones, brain structure and neurology, social factors, instincts, and culture. It follows the processes of heterosexual development and formation of gender identity. Kindle edition available through 



Naked Surrender.JPG

Naked Surrender, Andrew Comiskey, Naked Surrender helps you see how deeply Jesus loves you and how He brings clarity, healing and restoration to your sexual identity. available through Desert Stream Ministries.



Open To Life - Andrew Comiskey  250

Open to Life: How Jesus Transforms Persons with Same-Sex AttractionAndrew Comiskey. This book offers hope for persons seeking Jesus amid same-sex attraction (SSA); it also offers understanding for persons seeking to support friends with SSA. Available through Desert Stream Ministries.


Relational Masks.JPG

Relational Masks: Removing the Barriers That Keep Us Apart, Russell Willingham, Inter-Varsity Press, 2004. Counselor Russell Willingham identifies the relational masks that obstruct us from relating freely to other people and to God. Available through




Restoring the Christian Soul, Leanne Payne, Baker, 1996. Payne shows how you can overcome the three great barriers to wholeness: inability to receive God's forgiveness, inability to forgive others, and inability to accept yourself. Available through



Shame and Attachment Loss.JPG

Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy, Joseph J. Nicolosi, IVP Academic, 2009. "Shame & Attachment Loss" guides the reader through the therapeutic techniques of Reparative Therapy (TM) that Dr. Nicolosi developed over thirty years of successful clinical work with thousands of clients from many cultures and faith traditions. Available through (Banned by Amazon July 2019)


Strength-in-Weakness-Andrew-Comiskey-Web  250

Strength in Weakness, Andrew Comiskey. Telling real-life stories of despair, hope and lasting change, Andrew lays out the foundations for healing from relational and sexual sin. Available through Desert Stream Ministries



The Broken Image.JPG

The Broken Image: Restoring Personal Wholeness through Healing Prayer – eBook, Leanne Payne, Baker, 1995. This book presents documented case studies of homosexuals and lesbians who have been transformed through applied healing prayer. Available through




The Gay Gospel, Joe Dallas, Harvest House Publishers, 2004.  In a sensitive approach - balanced, yet very straightforward - Dallas provides the tools to communicate truth to those who have adopted a pro-gay gospel. Available through



the-healing-presence  250

The Healing Presence, Leanne Payne, Baker, 1995. Leanne Payne explains the basis of her counseling ministry - Christ's indwelling presence that brings the power of the incarnation into wounded lives. Available through



trans-formation resizedTrans-Formation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ, Linda A. Seiler, PhD, 2023. Drawing from her academic research and her own eleven-year journey out of transgender desires and same-sex attractions, Dr. Linda Seiler answers questions such as:

· What does the Bible say about sexual orientation and gender identity?
· Are people born gay or trans?
· Why are teenagers adopting LGBTQ identities at alarming rates?
· What about “celibate gay Christians”?
· Does transformation mean all temptation disappears?
· How do we navigate conversations with LGBTQ-identified loved ones?
· Should a Christian attend a gay wedding?
· What about preferred pronouns?

Whether you are a Christian leader, concerned parent, or conflicted adult, Trans-Formation will equip you with a theological, scientific, and restorative response to LGBTQ. Available through


Understanding Gender Confusion: A Faith Based Perspective, Denise Shick, 2014. Sometimes people think if they pray or wish hard enough, their transgender tendencies will just disappear. This is an unrealistic expectation. It is not reasonable to expect an overnight change in the area of gender or sexual confusion. The problem takes years to develop. The restoration likewise takes a lengthy healing and restorative process-and some very hard work-which typically involves years of serious commitment. Available through