Transformational Stories


Stephen Black, Director of First Stone Ministry - He Sent His Word to Heal Us 

Jason Thompson, Director of Portland Fellowship - Freedom from a Secret

Jim Venice, Director of Pure Heart Ministries - I'm a Brand New Man

Frank Worthen (Founder of Love in Action and New Hope) Born Anew to a Living Hope

Dan Hitz - Director of Reconciliation Ministries - No Longer Alone

Wynn Cameron Thompson - Director of Restoring Wholeness Ministries - Personal Testimony


Anne Paulk - Executive Director of RHN - A Life Redeemed

Anita Worthen - New Hope Ministry - Growing Through the Pain

Denise Shick - Help 4 Families - Turning Grief into Action

Debbie Venice - Pure Heart Ministries - From Shattered Dreams to Answered Prayers

Carol Wagstaff Groen - Founder of Living Stone Ministries - Video Testimony

Linda Seiler - Linda Seiler Ministries - Such Were Some of You 

Debora Barr - All Things New Ministry - Life Transformation!

Barbara Swallow - Free Indeed Ministries - All Things Made New