Member Ministry and Affiliation Definitions

Member Ministry and Affiliation Definitions

Member Ministry:  A member ministry is an organization that offers regular, ongoing support via one-on-one encouragement, support groups, materials development and/or speaking engagements.  Member ministries provide ongoing support for people struggling with unwanted LGBTQ issues, family and friends, and/or help equip ministry leaders. 

Therapist Affiliate:  Therapist affiliates have professional, state licensure as a counselor, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist.  

Pastoral Affiliate:  Pastoral affiliates are pastors/ministers/directors in a church that welcome people with unwanted LGBTQ desires and provide resources to support them on their journey including discipleship and connection into a body of believers.

Spiritual Mentor:  Spiritual mentors may be life coaches, spiritual mentors, or spiritual directors and thus most often offer one-on-one ministry.   They may or may not have certification.  

Pastoral Counselor: Pastoral counseling is a unique form of caregiving that utilizes spiritual resources along with psychological understanding for healing and growth. Pastoral counselors have some form of certification such as Certified Pastoral Counselor (CpastC), Certified Clinical Pastoral Therapist (CCPT), or licensure within their state.


One noticeable missing category is Biblical Counselor. Biblical counselors focus soley on the application of the scripture to one's struggle and are in opposition to using any insights gained from psychology.  There are many issues where Biblical counseling can be effective, however, denying the developmental aspects of LGBTQ desire can be harmful to those seeking help.