Pure Passion Media

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Brought to you by Restored Hope Network donors, Pure Passion Media covers life stories out of sex trafficking, porn addiction, AIDS, former LGBT, parents or spouse experiences, and more, including 3 award winning documentaries--"Such Were Some of You", "How Do You Like Me Now?", and "TranZformed". If you would like to support Restored Hope and thus Pure Passion resources, you can help here

Pure Passion videos are accessible via device Apps, TV services, and through the web. 

  • On the web, you can watch videos for free here or here.
  • Apps can be found in the app stores. Just type in Pure Passion and look for this logo--pure passion app.PNG 

Languages: videos have been translated into Chinese, Farsi, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Romanian, Polish and are on the apps and links. 

If you would personally like support through a discipleship ministry, counselor, or pastor, we would be happy to connect you with the resources that are part of Restored Hope Network or are friends of the ministry. You can email us at info@RestoredHopeNetwork.org.