Recommended Resources - Parents and Family

 A Parents Guide.JPGA Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Ames Nicolosi, 2002. In this groundbreaking book Joseph Nicolosi uncovers the most significant factors that contribute to a child's healthy sense of self as male or female. Available through



dangerous shick.PNGDangerous Affirmations, Jerry Lake with Denise Shick, 2021. "Dangerous Affirmations" is a personal story of a young boy who shares his struggle of living in his male gender. As a child, his grandmother dressed him in a dress, while his father affirmed him looking pretty. "Dangerous Affirmations" addresses this from a Christian standpoint."  Available through




How Do You Like Me Now?  (DVD) by Mastering Life Ministries and Pure Passion Media, 2016. What do you do when a loved one tells you they're homosexual? How do you bear witness to the biblical reality without losing their love & affection? This is a critical resource for the Body of Christ. Available here


Like Mother Like Daughter.JPG

Like Mother, Like Daughter? The Effects of Growing Up in a Homosexual Home, Jakii Edwards. What's it like for children to be raised by a gay parent or gay parents? How do these children feel? What effects does the homesexuality have on them? Available through



Reclaim Restore Rebuild.JPG

NEW--Reclaim, Restore, Rebuild: Hope for Families Impacted by Sexual Brokenness, Carol L. Wagstaff, M.A., Redemption Press, 2018. In this interactive book, Carol helps readers walk alongside [Nehemiah] in order to see ways to cope with--and even conquer--some of life's most heartbreaking trials, particularly the trials family members and friends face with a homosexual or transgender loved one. Available through

Someone I Love is Gay.JPG

Someone I Love is Gay: How Family and Friends Can Respond, Anita Worthen and Bob Davies. This book will help you handle your feelings while responding appropriately to your loved one. Available through Barnes &


When Homosexuality Hits Home.JPG

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Family Member Says They’re Gay, Joe Dallas, 2004. Joe Dallas offers practical counsel, step by step, on how to deal with the many conflicts and emotions parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters or any family member will experience when learning of a loved one's homosexuality.Available through


When Hope Seems Lost.JPG

When Hope Seems Lost, Denise Shick, 2011. This book provides a resource to the church and families that have faced the issue. To the church the book gives a biblical response to transsexuality. For the families it gives hope, support and the knowledge they are not alone. Available through 


Where Does a Mother Go to Resign.JPG

Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? Barbara Johnson, 1979. The original story of how Barbara Johnson faced as a wife and mother the crippling of her husband, the deaths of two sons, and the homosexuality of a third who disappeared into the gay lifestyle for over eleven years. Available through