Reconciliation Ministries

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Reconciliation Ministries

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  • Contact: Dan Hitz, Executive Director
  • Warren, MI
  • Phone: 586-739-5114
  • Service Times: Office hours - Eastern, M-F 9am-5pm

Bridging the gap between the
church and the sexually broken.

Imparting hope and the healing power of Jesus Christ. 

Reconciliation Ministries is a ministry that helps men and women overcome sexual and relational difficulties in a safe, confidential, Christian setting.

Reconciliation Ministries offers private pastoral counseling and licensed professional counseling for those struggling with sexual and relational brokenness, and for their family members.  Our Christ-centered counseling has a strong emphasis on healing prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to the wounds and misconceptions that cause pain and leave one open to sexual sin.  “He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.”

In addition to individual pastoral counseling sessions, Reconciliation Ministries also provides internet and telephone based counseling to missionaries and other individuals serving overseas who do not otherwise have access to pastoral care.

2. Living Waters : Restoring Relational Integrity

“Where can I go to share my pain and struggle? Will anyone listen to me? How can I find hope in my struggle? I’m alone and afraid to tell anyone what’s really in my heart.”

Such thoughts and questions plague many Christians. The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of sexual and relational issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living.

Why would someone go to Living Waters? 

If you are struggling with…

  • Fear
  • Insecurity
  • Marital problems
  • Co-dependency
  • Pornography addiction
  • Effects of abuse
  • Poor relationship boundaries
  • Sexual addiction or promiscuity
  • Emotional isolation
  • Inability to trust
  • Anger or unforgiveness
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Gender identity issues
  • Unwanted same-sex attraction
  • Fantasy addiction
  • Shame and self-hatred

Living Waters provides a thoughtful and safe place to look at the ways we’ve become ensnared. Through weekly times of worship, teaching and small group prayer, our program leaders walk with participants in their struggle so they can live in freedom and truth. We pray for God’s healing to restore broken areas of life so that people can “love well” as God intended.

Living Waters is a 24-week closed group for men and women seeking healing in their lives. It is an intensive and unique small group. Ultimately, we learn how to press into Jesus more deeply, allowing Him to meet our needs and transform us for His Kingdom purposes. With groups all over the world, and with over thirty years of ministering God’s healing love, the Living Waters program is a proven path of healing.

Through the worship, teaching, prayer and small groups of Living Waters we learn about:

•    God’s powerful love for us and how Jesus is central to our hope for wholeness
•    The depth of our brokenness and our profound need for Him.
•    The power of the cross to restore our souls, sexuality and relationships
•    The process of walking out our healing
•    Our place in the church and loving others honorably

How is Living Waters Presented?

Living Waters is a 20-lesson program taught in a closed-group format. The leaders have been trained and a confidentiality policy is in place to help ensure trust and safety.

Each meeting includes:


We focus our attention and praise on God rather than our problems.


Living Waters’ teachings combine biblical truths and psychological insights that help us to know God and ourselves better.


Through healing prayer in large and small group settings, we invite the Holy Spirit to heal our various wounds. We bring our sins, and those committed against us, to the Lord who is faithful to set us free.


We value men and women working out their healing together. Great healing comes as men and women minister and receive alongside one another in worship, teaching and prayer in the large group(though the small groups are same-sex). This reflects God’s intention and character.  Foundational to Living Waters is the reality that God created us in His image as male and female.


Reconciliation Ministries’ staff and volunteer ministry team members are available to speak to your leadership team, church or organization.  Bible-based teachings and testimonies from godly men and women who have experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ in their own lives are a tremendous way to reach out to the hurting people in your community who are desperate for help, and to educate the church on how to minister to those in need.

Participants will learn some of the root issues behind sexual brokenness, and how God can heal the wounded areas of our lives that seem to leave us vulnerable to sexual sin.  Programs include pornography addiction, homosexuality, and recovery from childhood sexual abuse.  Each program is adjusted to meet the needs of those served and may include worship, teaching, altar ministry and small groups.

If you would like more information about Reconciliation Ministries, or any of the ministries we offer, please call (586) 739-5114.

Reconciliation Ministries
11174 E 13 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093